Centennial Gala

Cancelled this year.

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“‘I shall never fail you’ – ‘I shall supply all your needs’ - Sisters keep this motto….it was the means of coming to California—and was providentially the same greeting that was hanging at the door as we came in our little house in Eureka. It has been our guide from the first. As you see after all these years—God has never failed us. Let us be grateful to Him and one another always.”  – Mother Bernard

This note of encouragement was written by Mother Bernard Gosselin in the early years of the Sisters of St. Joseph’s ministry in Eureka, CA. The motto that guided Mother Bernard all those years—Faith, Foresight and Flexibility—still guides us today.

Following Mother Bernard’s motto, we are now led to be flexible as we again postpone our Centennial Gala in light of the ongoing COVID pandemic.

We are hopeful that the present COVID surge will abate weeks before the event date we had selected in December, but we are also aware that for many of our guests travel plans must be made. So out of an abundance of caution, we are rescheduling this joyful and important celebration of our past and future to when we can safely come together.

In the meantime, as we pray for the safety and health of our caregivers and community, we also reflect on all we have to be grateful for.

We are so proud of our caregivers, leaders, and physicians who have stepped up to meet the needs of patients with COVID-19, as well as those who continue to provide essential surgical, trauma, cardiac, and cancer care, obstetrics services and more.

Our ministry continues to care for the most vulnerable in our community. We’ve adapted our work in Philanthropy and are moving forward with the Centennial Campaign, our 5-year, $25M effort toward transforming healthcare on the North Coast. Because our generous supporters stood by us through months of plans changed and priorities adjusted to meet immediate COVID needs, we were still able to raise $5M this year alone.

We are fortunate to be in a community that so genuinely embraces and supports our caregivers and our ministries. Thanks to the generosity of Humboldt, we have been able to provide necessary equipment and help boost morale throughout the pandemic. From the donor-funded purchase of 12 additional ventilators in 2020, to the recent community grant supplying additional BiPAPs—oxygen boosting devices to avoid a ventilator—to the outpouring of gifts donated to our “Caregiver Superheroes” campaign, we can honestly say that when times are tough, this community that we care for cares for us.

We very much look forward to gathering again in person and wish good health and safety to you and your loved ones.