Deanna and Mark Parsons

Martin Parsons, contingency and response planning manager at Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, has been voted an emeritus board member, Providence Alaska Foundation president Suzanne Carté-Croft and board chair Denali Kemppel jointly announced. Martin joined the board in September 2015 and served in many roles including as board chair, ending his term in 2022. During those years, Martin's enthusiastic and solid leadership helped the community provide a permanent home for Alaska CARES where children can heal and thrive after experiencing abuse. Martin led the board through the COVID-19 pandemic and helped form the Foundation's strategic direction through the crisis, including establishing a focus on youth mental health as well as addressing health equity and access. He also served on the Providence Alaska Region Board through 2022. Martin is a true champion of the vision of health for a better world. 

Both Martin and his wife Deanna will always remain a part of the Providence family. Together they are known to show up in every way needed to support the Providence Mission. The Foundation staff have even been known (unofficially, of course) to place wagers on whether Martin and Deanna will be the first to show up at events. Martin's emeritus status confirms his heart for caring for the poor and vulnerable in our community and acknowledges his effort to create a healthier Alaska.

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